S-TARget therapeutics

CONSULTING / FUNDING (a Capricorn Consilium Project)

Wanted: Biotech advisor with contacts to potential strategic partners in the area of allergy/vaccines and venture capital firms for funding of further company and product development.

The Client

S-TARget therapeutics is a biotech start-up company founded in September 2010 in Vienna, Austria, which develops novel therapeutic vaccines to cure and prevent allergic diseases. S-TARget‘s vaccines are directed against major, widespread allergic diseases that cannot currently be cured.


The Assignment

With private capital as well as public pre-seed and seed money, S-TARget was able to demonstrate preclinical proof-of-concept in a relevant animal model. Further funding was required either from Venture Capital (VC) firms or via strategic partners.

The Solution

Capricorn Consilium compiled a list of potential strategic partners in the field of treatment of allergies as well as selected vaccine players and a list of venture capital companies investing in early-stage biotech companies. Each firm was contacted several times, telephone conferences and business meetings have been organised.

In September 2014 S-TARget announced the closure of a world wide exclusive license deal with Allergopharma for the development of therapeutic allergy vaccines based on S-TARget’s proprietary S-TIR technology platform.